General Info

Who am I? I’m Jake Johnson. I edit things and watch ponies.

What is this? This is a bunch of collections of essays by bronies about the show we all love.

Why does this exist? Because I couldn’t make PMVs, music, fanfics, art, or anything else, so I decided to use my own skill- editing- to make cool things for the brony community.

So, how do these things work? You click one of the “Volume” tabs and read the guidelines (under 100 words each). You write an essay about one or more of the bubbles in Microsoft Word or in Notepad or in the body of an email and send it to, in an email that says which Volume you’re writing for. I read it. If it’s cool or interesting, I accept it. No contract or anything, just a little response email saying yes or no.

What’s a bubble?

  • This.

Do you need a title? No. I can just put in your name or “Untitled Essay” or some title that sounds cooler which I haven’t thought up yet.

Do you have to give your real name? No. If people on the net know you by another name, use that if you want, or feel free to tell me both and I’ll put both down as your name. Or you can just make up a name.

What if I say no? You can try again.

What if I say yes and you want to send something else? You can do that, but make it about another part of the theme (each part is a bubble in the guidelines). If there aren’t any more bubbles, you’re out of luck, unless it’s a really big theme where you can write two essays that have nothing to do with each other.

How long does an essay need to be? Any length. Ten sentences, ten pages, whatever.

How formal do you need to be? Eh, doesn’t really matter. Give your opinion like you’re in a bar, or formally display your points like you’re in school. Or do something in-between.

Can you curse or talk about sexual matters? I guess. I’d prefer if you don’t.

How long will it take to respond to you? No idea. Maybe an hour, maybe a week. Hopefully about a day or two. This is a casual project- I’m not going to stress about it, and if another, bigger project needs me, this one’ll have to wait.

When is a collection done? No idea. When it feels done, I guess.

When it’s done, what happens next? I edit the essays so they’re spelled correctly, put them in one text file, save it as something every computer can open (probably an .rtf document), and email it to everyone who submitted. From there, they can spread it around the Internet however they choose, free of charge, but it’s their fault if they get in trouble with it, so they shouldn’t go selling it or anything.

What if you want a copy but don’t want to write an essay? That’s fine- just send an email with the title “reservation” to, telling me which volumes you want me to send you when they’re released.


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