Volume: Derpy

Meet Derpy Hooves. As of this writing, she’s the source of some controversy, but we’re still calling her Derpy for the time being. Derpy is a fan-favorite character. She spoke for one minute in a recent episode and that fact overshadowed the rest of that episode.  For us, she stands tall as a symbol of this awesome show.

Meet the Derpy Collection. The Derpy Collection wants essays answering the following question as best as possible:

  • Why do you, personally, like MLP:Friendship is Magic?

For general information, go to the General Info tab.

Please send submissions to callingjjj@gmail.com

Accepted Work Includes

  • “I for one welcome our new pony overlords” by Dave Bryant
  • A letter from Enigma The Griffon
  • Vernes Vardarac
  • J. Anderson
  • “Pony Logic” by Cory Hooper
  • Jorganstan

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