Volume: Gilda

Meet Gilda. She considers you uncool. She’s not into all this fun you guys are having, and she isn’t going to be quiet about it. Telling Gilda to love and tolerate is like telling Diamond Dogs to stop wanting gemstones.

Meet the Gilda Collection. The Gilda Collection wants essays about the following:

  • “Haters”- those who dislike bronies.
  • How to deal with, or how you’ve dealt with hate.
  • Other anecdotes involving haters.
  • The role they play in society, or how they influence our community.

For general information, go to the General Info tab.

Please send submissions to callingjjj@gmail.com

Accepted Work Includes

  • “Bronies: A Community of Tolerance” by Matthew Putnam
  • A letter from Enigma the Griffon
  • “Haters: A Surprising Source of Check and Balance” by Cory Hooper

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